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Vaction Bible School

June 2, 2019


Dear Brothers and Sisters at Good Shepherd’s Lutheran Church,


On Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples with great power. The disciples were emboldened in their faith and mission. The disciples went out into the streets of Jerusalem to preach Christ crucified, risen, and ascended. The Holy Spirit continues to go out through the proclamation of God’s Word today to create and sustain faith.


God also calls pastors to proclaim his Word to congregations. Last Sunday the congregation of Good Shepherd’s Lutheran Church issued a divine call to me to be an associate pastor in their congregation with an emphasis on administration and youth. I am truly humbled to receive this call. I look forward to this time when I can assess the gifts God gave me, and where I might serve him in his Kingdom at this time.


I ask for your prayers for myself, my family, especially my wife Andrea who was also extended a divine call for the school, as well as St. Stephen’s where I currently serve. In the coming weeks I look forward to speaking to some of you to learn more of the ministry opportunities placed before the saints in West Allis.


In Christ’s Service,



Pastor Seth P. Dorn

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