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Pastor Dorn Receives Call to Zion Lutheran Church in Lansing, MI

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Dear Brothers and Sisters of Zion Lutheran Church,

In my personal Bible study, I have been reading through the book of Luke. I just recently read through the parable of the sower and the seed in Luke 8. How amazing it is that God gives the job of sowing to us! We sow the riches of God’s Word to a world desperately needing to hear it. We tell them of Jesus’ comfort and peace in a world of discord and unrest. We proclaim forgiveness to souls hurting from the guilt of sin.

God has entrusted this work to individuals, but he also gives this charge to the church. The church provides a place for the Means of Grace to be used publicly for the strengthening of faith and the forgiveness of sins. God also provides pastors to serve in the public ministry. With all of this in mind the congregation of Zion has issued a Divine Call to me to serve as their pastor.

It is with humbleness that I acknowledge this call. I look forward to speaking with leaders from Zion in the coming weeks to learn about your ministry. I boldly ask for your prayers for myself, my family, Zion, as well as St. Stephen’s, where I currently serve, as I deliberate these two calls. Just as we only sow, and God does all the growing, we know God will answer all these prayers according to his good and gracious will.

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Seth P. Dorn

Cc: Pastor Mike Jensen: District Preside

Author: admin_ssbdWELS

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